Various ways of assessment of cartographic works

Journal / Conference: ICA Symposium on Cartography for CEE 2009 (oral presentation)
Authors: Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2009
Category of Publication: Contribution in Conference Proceedings
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Keywords: assessment of cartographic works, viewpoints of assessment, methods in assessment, map quality, user-friendliness
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Abstract: To create valuable output, people must learn from mistakes, learn to evaluate the results of their work and, thus, not to repeat their mistakes. There are many ways of assessing products arising from human activity, i.e. cartographic works as well. Verbal assessment (reviews, references) is the most common one. It usually includes the list of positive and negative aspects of the product, or a multi-criterion assessment containing a system of value parameters of the work, usually numerical. This assessment is usually done by more or less experienced experts. What does the user think, though? It is desirable to find an adequate way of assessment assisted by the user. It is the user who is the ultimate recipient of the product. Apart from standard sociological approach using questionnaires, surveys or managed interviews, there are possibilities with high independence potential in the area of potential semantic differences in the researcher´s and the respondent´s perception. These are represented by various tasks given to individuals or groups concerning cartographic works or an analysis of user mental maps based on the users’ experience with cartographic works.
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