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One bachelor and one diploma thesis was defended in 2007 - 2008 as part of the project “Aesthetics in Cartographic Expression” (Uplatnění estetiky ve vyjadřovacích prostředcích kartografie). The bachelor thesis tested the methodology of criterion-based and verbal assessment of cartographic works in terms of aesthetics and user-friendliness. The diploma thesis looked for a compromise between the automatic process of map creation (application of means of expression) and manual process which usually reflects the natural and real representation of objects and phenomena in maps much more, using the example of representation of rocks in maps.

Throughout 2007 and 2008 two bachelor theses were assigned, with the aim to better understand creativity in cartographic works (fantasy and fiction world maps were used as an example, as well as maps for children and juniors). One bachelor thesis bases its research on the objectives of the ICA Art & Cartography working group and looks for connection between art and cartography, using the example of searching for artistic techniques and styles in cartographic works.

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Cartographic works for children and youth: state of art and possibilities of GIS utilization / Marta Škardová / Bachelor's Thesis / 2010 / Complete Thesis

Artistic styles and techniques in cartographic products for public / Antonín Bačo / Bachelor's Thesis / 2009 / Complete Thesis

Plans of Prague: State of Art and Concept of Thematic Map Key / Jan Major / Bachelor's Thesis / 2009 / Complete Thesis

Rocks Representation in Digital Cartography and GIS / Jakub Lysák / Diploma Thesis / 2008 / Complete Thesis

Analysis of the sci-fi and fantasy worlds maps and the possibilities of using cartography in their p / Jakub Hrubý / Bachelor's Thesis / 2007 / Complete Thesis

Assessment of Tourist Maps in the Czech Market from the Aesthetical and User Helpfulness Point of Vi / Lucie Hrstková / Bachelor's Thesis / 2007 / Complete Thesis