Assessment of Cartographic Works Using Mental Maps

Journal / Conference: Kartografické listy
Authors: Jan D. Bláha, Tomáš Hudeček
Year: 2010
Number: 18
Category of Publication: Article in Journal
Pages, web: s. 21–28
Keywords: mental maps, assessment of cartographic works, user-friendliness
Link to full version:
Abstract: The issue of mental maps on one hand, and assessment of cartographic works on the other are relatively well-known and have been discussed by a relatively high number of authors. However, is it possible to interconnect the knowledge and use it meaningfully? The paper tries to find answers to this question. Its primary objective is to reveal the users’ wishes and ideas about the content of maps. A proposal for the procedure of assessment of cartographic works in terms of aesthetics and user-friendliness is introduced, making use of mental maps by users. The question to what extent mental maps can be utilized as decisive for the finalisation of results is still left unanswered. Nevertheless, the paper presents one of input propositions of a research project carried out at the Charles University in Prague.
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