Visuals and their influence on the perception of the world around us

Journal / Conference: Geografické rozhledy (Praha, ISSN 1210-3004)
Authors: Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2018
Number: 2
Category of Publication: Article in Journal
Pages, web: 4-7 + příloha
Keywords: visual information, visuals, culture, visual perception, visual geographical information
Link to full version:
Abstract: Visual information plays a crucial role in our lives. Representation of this information (visuals) is a part of our culture, and the culture, in addition to the biological basis of personality, defines how we behave, how we act, how we learn and how we perceive. Geography is one of the disciplines that we cannot imagine without the presence of visuals (schemes, graphs, photographs or maps). The aim of the article is to show the importance of visuals not only in geography and their influence on the perception of the world around us. It only depends on us how meaningfully we can use the visual information
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